School Supplies

2023-2024 School Year
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Below are generic supply lists for ALL students at Skeena Middle School.  All supplies should be clearly labeled with the student’s name.  Some items may need to be replenished during the year.
QTY   Item(s)
2       Large binders
1       Package of dividers (8 per pkg.)
5       Packages of lined loose-leaf paper
1       Package of Graph Paper (250 sheets)
1       Pencil case that attaches into the binder
12     Blue/Black Pens
4       Red pens
2       Ultra-Fine Tip Black Markers for outlining
3       Packages (12 per pkg.) of HB pencils
1       Pencil Sharpener
1       Pair of Scissors
1       Package of pencil crayons
1       Plastic ruler (30 cm)
2       Glue Sticks
3       Erasers
1       Package of Duotangs (5)
2       Highlighters
1       Geometry Set
1       USB Flash/Jump Drive
1       French/English Dictionary
PE STRIP     (T-shirt, shorts/sweats, athletic shoes (not skaters), appropriate out-door clothing and deodorant/antiperspirant – NO Body Sprays, please)

In addition to the supplies above, students at the following grades will need the following:
GRADE 7 – Standard Calculator
GRADE 8 – Scientific Calculator & 2 coiled, lined notebooks
GRADE 9 –Scientific Calculator & 1 package of Dry Eraser Markers (6) of various colours

Individual teachers may require additional or alternate supplies for their specific classes.

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